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Wolf hunts continue to improve with five of seven hunters seeing wolves during our winter wolf hunt. Hands down, this is the most challenging hunt that we offer.  It requires that the hunter have the right mind-set to wait patiently in the hope  of that one opportunity during the course of the week’s hunt. One hunter got the photo of six wolves coming down the ice.

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     Life was never so good for myself  as I woke up on November 9 in Alberta, Canada to hear about the Trump  presidency win in the USA. That excitement never diminished throughout the month of November as our whitetail hunters hammered out one of our best ever seasons.  Despite overly warm conditions, the only obstacle that slowed any form of success was the ability to access all of our traditional hunting areas.  The real key to our success was up-to-date equipment that lasted daily, and allowed us to put our clients out. The other big game changer was an extensive amount of use with over 20 trail cameras that had us hunting particular areas harder than normal because we knew certain animals were in the area. I have always said the cameras are the real game changer with black bear hunts, but not until this year did they really prove just how effective they could be for whitetail. That is going to be changed even more so for our 2017 season.
     Below are just a few photos, with more in next post, from the 2016 Alberta season. From top, then left to right, are:
Dave Kamysiak, Ed Haff, Mark Anderson and Gary Lijewski.

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     Just a few more photos follow from our 2016 season (with all in our upcoming newsletter). Below, from top then left to right, are:  Chuck Fornari, Rich Stauffer, Randy Urban, Joel Styma,  Kirk Martin and Frank Jester...plus of Erik Kauffman with another wolf taken during the whitetail season.

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