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After a very busy and very successful spring bear season in Manitoba and Alberta, I'm swamped with 'catching up' with all my other work and hope to post more soon. However, thanks to my brother, Bryce Lambley, who hunted with us in Alberta this spring, here are a couple of photos and a video. The bear he took is the bigger one of those in the video (click here for that)  and the other is the two of us greeting each other as he headed into camp with a guide, Donivan, and I headed out of camp to get back to Manitoba.

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It was another incredible Nebraska archery turkey season with five hunters making the trip, and each limiting out on three gobblers each.  Much of the overall success revolved around nailing the setups day after day, but a real difference this season  was that all hunters came prepared, and shot 'lights out.'  Generally there will be more misses then actually hits but not this season.  I was thrilled on how great of performances these hunters made in rolling gobbler after gobbler.
Highlights came literally day after day.  In 11 days of hunting, we only had one slow day,  probably because we hunted the same property as the evening before.  Rarely do we do this,  knowing we are better off to 'rest' the property for another day.  The only downside of this season was the low number of hunters. By no means will I make the trip to Nebraska again without a full slot of hunters.
I continue to preach that, hands down for the money, this is the best hunt possible for action.  For those that have considered this hunt with me, don't let another year slip by.  With two hunters rebooked, and four others considering it, spots will be limited for next spring.  If you're interested, do not hesitate to email me for more particulars on the 2014 spring hunt.

Below are Andy Krook of New Hampshire, Erik Kauffman of Pennsylvania and Nathan Somero of New Hampshire, each with one of the three turkeys each shot.

Our other two hunters produced a video that was shown on their local Michigan television station, and you can view it here. Be patient through the commercial!
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Hauling bear bait with 7-year-old son, Grey, required a trade-off of going sledding on the way home.

Here's a picture of a lynx on the bush trail.  It was traveling with a female as it is mating season for them right now.

We had to pull this jeep out of muck and haul by two snowmobiles 12 miles to road. Then AAA (or for us CAA)  hauled it the remaining 30 miles home to the lodge by tow truck.

Nothing about trapping beavers during the winter is easy.  Here we have put the sleigh through the ice.  And, at right, Guide Donivan Laroucque is finishing up with fleshing and boarding a beaver pelt.

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