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Fall bear hunters continue to see that this remains one of the most consistent hunts of the year, with all hunters seeing opportunities at taking solid bears.  Hunters were into bears almost every night of the season, and most found success early into their hunts.  We were thrilled to see that the big chocolate, that  we have been hunting for the past two years, return on camera just four days before the first hunt, and at 2:40 pm the first day, he slipped up.  This was after being nocturnal for two weeks this spring before moving off and not returning.

Sample photos show Rob Yule of Sartell, MN, with the big chocolate bear;  John Fox of South Bend, NE, who returned for his third fall bear hunt in a row and anchored this great bear; and Justin Sedivy of New Berlin, IL with his big boar.

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Fall seasons are fast approaching, with summer upgrades including the building of two new goose blinds. They will hopefully shed light on our waterfowl program in case of a wet fall and the struggle of getting the goose blinds into the field.  The two new blinds, both 21’ in length should give us the ability to split the blinds when needed to pull the birds between the two blinds.

With the lack of berries in the bush, we anticipate a very strong fall bear season, and can only imagine quick success for our 2017 fall hunters.  As you can see by this video, we had more then our share of exciting moments during the spring season that we are sure will carry over to the fall hunts:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI5MSwLHh-A
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For success on the big bears, we continue to count on our trail cameras. Below are a few Manitoba samples from the numerous great pictures we got this year.
1. Huge boar with his sow, shortly before getting shot;
2 & 3. It would take until June to pick up this huge 392 lb. black; his last day before Rich Raney dunked him.
4. Likely the biggest bear of the season, this one was missed by a bowhunter.
5. This 325 lb. boar was passed by two hunters waiting for a bigger bear on the same bait.
6. Huge  chocolate that our niece killed with a crossbow.
7. Beautiful  but skittish chocolate, passed by rifle hunter that shot a huge black on the bait.
8. This 300 lb. boar was passed up while waiting for a larger one.
9. Not a big chocolate, but we saw more colored bears this spring than ever before.

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