173 & 167 Lead Lineup for Alberta Whitetail Season

Posted by jasonlambley jasonlambley
Our Alberta whitetail hunts took a step backwards in 2017. After coming off an incredible 2016 season at 91 percent success, our November hunts fell to 60 percent this year.  The reality was that I was very humbled, having gone into the season believing we were going to have an even better year  than last after seeing a mild winter.   Without question, the antler growth was down going off of trail camera photos of particular bucks that we had on camera from the previous year.  With an early freeze-up, having the coldest first week of November that I can remember, we were able to access pretty much all old hunting grounds, yet we struggled to turn up shooter class bucks for all clients.

Despite all of this,  the bucks taken were very solid as can be seen by these photos of the better bucks. From top, and left to right, are Matt Kerzner, Pete Diego, Dan Becker, Kelly Rupp, Chuck Fornari, Gary Lijewski, John Rampolla; and Cesar Nieves with a wolf. Following those are a few trail camera photos including Dan Becker's  and Kelly Rupp's bucks.